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WordPress Website Design & Development – why WordPress?


Wordpress Website Design & Development Why build my website on Wordpress? WordPress is one of the world’s leading open source web platforms with over 40 million users. Being open source, thousands of developers freely build upon WordPress, which makes it incredibly versatile and ever improving with more [...]

WordPress Website Design & Development – why WordPress?2017-06-21T13:57:05+00:00

Spotlight on Edinburgh Mums App


Spotlight on Edinburgh Mums App Where does the time go? We partnered with the team behind Edinburgh Mums at the very end of last year to brand and design their glorious Mums App. We say glorious because it really is a lovely little app that is simple to use and gives [...]

Spotlight on Edinburgh Mums App2017-06-27T11:45:21+00:00

An injection of wealth?


An injection of wealth? We have really enjoyed working with Steven McColl to build his latest service, Soho Wealth. Soho Wealth provides short-term bridging loans and specialist finance for individuals, limited companies, partnerships, trusts and other legal entities. The Freaks were commissioned to build the brand, identity and website to attract a high-end [...]

An injection of wealth?2017-06-27T11:37:52+00:00

Say hello to Amicus Ford


Say hello to Amicus Ford We've been working very hard recently for a friends at the Livingston James Group and today, we're delighted to launch their latest division Amicus Ford. Amicus Ford aim to become the premier legal recruitment advisory service working throughout the UK and beyond. The Freaks have been responsible [...]

Say hello to Amicus Ford2017-06-27T11:40:24+00:00

Finding everyday super heroes


Finding everyday super heroes We're delighted to have been commissioned by the Livingston James Group to create their latest brand and website for Edison Bond. Edison Bond specialise in Sales & Marketing recruitment. We created their brand aiming to appeal to young sales and digital marketeers, hailing them as everyday super heroes for the [...]

Finding everyday super heroes2017-06-27T11:41:54+00:00

Out with the old for Freak Music


Out with the old for Freak Music We're delighted to launch a shiny new website design for our sister company Freak Music. Fast becoming the UK's leading Entertainment Agency, Freak Music represents over 1500 live acts for corporate events, festivals and weddings across the UK. Their new website design and build has been focussed around [...]

Out with the old for Freak Music2017-06-27T11:44:47+00:00

A few more websites designed by the Freaks


It's been a busy start to the year for Freak Design with an ever growing portfolio of clients. It's great to get involved in so many different types of business and working with some extraordinary people along the way. Here's a few sites we've recently developed and launched... Drummond Bridge - Part of the Livingston James Group, Drummond Bridge are specialist in recruitment for the Supply Chain & Operations sectors. We've really enjoyed working with Jamie Brown and the team to create a brand plan, job board website and the digital trimmings that runs alongside launching a new startup. We're looking forward to evolving their digital activity as the business flourishes over the coming months and years. Abbot House Heritage Centre - we're pretty certain this is our oldest, newest client with foundations dating back to the mid-15th century! Abbot House combines a museum, wedding venue, cafe and garden in a great location next to Dunfermline Abbey. Oh and did we mention they also make their own beer?! It's been great working with Dev and the Abbot team and we wish them the very best keeping the building going for another 6000 years... Bespoke Counselling - The girls at Bespoke have recently launched their counselling service across Edinburgh and offer a range of specialist advice and counselling. We've enjoyed working with Fiona, Clare and Maria to build them a nice simple self-managed brochure website and wish them a great success launching the new business.

A few more websites designed by the Freaks2017-06-27T11:51:15+00:00

A new facelift for the Snitcher Desk


We're delighted to have designed and built a new website for The Snitcher Desk - where everyone get's to "shoot a celebrity".  The Snitcher Desk make it possible for amateur photographers to sell their celebrity photos and videos to the World's press.  By using forming a syndicate of leading global photo agencies, the Snitcher Desk [...]

A new facelift for the Snitcher Desk2014-01-03T16:22:38+00:00
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