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Client Spotlight: King’s Hill Gin


Client Spotlight: King's Hill Gin It's always a tough call when an alcohol project comes up and we're 'forced' to sample the product. Well what fun we had working with Sandy from The Pentland Still to produce the website for King's Hill Gin. Fresh on the market, King's Hill has already [...]

Client Spotlight: King’s Hill Gin2019-03-22T18:12:16+00:00

Client Spotlight: The Spiritualist Aberdeen


Client Spotlight: The Spiritualist Aberdeen We work very closely with our friends at the Signature Group and they seem to be growing at an exponential rate these days! Delighted to have worked with them recently to produce their brand and website for The Spiritualist in Aberdeen... [...]

Client Spotlight: The Spiritualist Aberdeen2018-12-18T14:41:32+00:00

Client Spotlight: Silent Adventures


Client Spotlight: Silent Adventures Freak Design were very excited to work with the team behind recent startup Silent Adventures. Hmm how do we describe silent Adventures? We'll take their description: "it’s a flash mob. It’s a silent disco. It’s a roaming, rhythmic riot across the sound soaked cities of the UK". If [...]

Client Spotlight: Silent Adventures2017-12-13T11:32:57+00:00

Client Spotlight: GetThemIn


Client Spotlight: GetThemIn GetThemIn was the first Facebook app that allowed people to purchase and send real tangible gifts. Only they did something very special… they made their gifts drinkable! The Facebook app allowed people to choose and buy a drink to send to a friend anywhere in the UK which, [...]

Client Spotlight: GetThemIn2017-06-14T16:24:39+00:00
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